Sunday, August 24, 2008

Michael's Move


We just finished moving Michael in with Karalee and Derrick yesterday. It took the whole day. Michael did rent a U-haul truck, which was nice. He got a great deal on the truck. He reserved a 14’ truck Friday, Aug for $19.95 and they said he would need to confirm it this Friday. They also said that because it was so busy (BYU students start school next Tuesday), a 14’ truck may not be available. In that case, he would have to rent a 17’ truck.

Michael was working on Friday, so he asked if I would confirm the reservation for him. So, I called Friday morning from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (I do volunteer work M-F from 8am to noon) around 9 am. A U-Haul worker answered the phone and said immediately, “Can you hold?” and he put me on hold. Five minutes later, he hung the phone up. I called back and the guy said “We are very busy. Can I take your number and call you back?” I really couldn’t do that because it was phone in the lounge and they did not like us to take calls there.

So, I decided to go down there and reserve it face to face. Carol and I went down to Provo. They weren’t that busy. The U-Haul rep looked at Michael’s reservation sheet. He said they didn’t have any 14’ trucks but they would rent him the 17’ truck for the same priced as the 14’ truck. GREAT!

Yesterday we went down and rented the truck at 9 am. We were to return the truck by 1 pm. We finished loading and unloading the truck by 12 noon. We took the truck back and the rest of the day was spent cleaning the apartment so that Michael could get his cleaning deposit back.

Do you have their address? It is:

Karalee, Derrick and/or Michael
357 N. 1080 E.
Provo, Utah 84606

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Baak Talk said...

moving is a PAIN, yuck! We feel your pain for sure. Glad it's all over! We have to do it all again soon.