Friday, July 17, 2009

Gerber/Davis/Barwick Reunion July11, 2009


On Saturday, July 11, 2009, we had the Gerber/Davis/Barwick Family Reunion at the Canyon Glen Park in Provo Canyon, Provo, Utah.

We had a great time. In the morning there was a light sprinkling rain. It was cloudy the rest of the day and there were a few sprinkles off and on. That was great because it kept it cool. On Friday, the following went on a hike up the Bridal Veil Falls: John Davis, Alan Davis, Hyrum Davis, Kierstin Baak, Brad Baak, Bryce Baak, Brian Baak and Buddie (the dog) Davis.

On Saturday morning everyone started arriving about 10 am. We put on name tags and milled around for a while. We waited for Michael Davis and the Barwick clan to arrive around 1 pm before we ate lunch. Everyone brought something for their family and then something to share with others. We had plenty of food.

After lunch, Del Gerber told us the story of Pepper John (Johannes Gerber). Johannes Gerber was the 2nd Great Grandfather of Carol, Delbert and Donna. He was called Pepper John because he fended off a band of pirates by using bombs filled with pepper. Johannes was a missionary for the Lutheran Church and went to Africa. When he became sick, his church sent him to St. Louis, Missouri, to preside over Lutheran Churches in the area. There he heard the missionaries and was converted to the Church.

We then had a discussion about when we should have the next reunion. It was decided that we would have a reunion every odd year. So the next one will be in 2011.

After Del's presentation we had games. Some people brought games for kids. At about 2:30 pm we had beach ball kick ball. That is kick ball played with a beach ball. Here are a couple of pictures of that:

After the games, John headed up a great group activity. He gave all the adults a three by five card. On each card we were to write three things: What we had done, Where we had been and what our talent was. They were not to write their name on the card.

Then John got up on a table and took the cards one at a time and read them to the group. After reading a card, we had to guess who the person was that turned in a card. My card said that I played the piano, I went to Italy and my talent was family history work. My talent gave me away.

The last thing we did was to take pictures of each family. Here are pictures of each family:

The Davis Family

The Gerber Family

The Barwick Family