Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13 2008

Hello family,

Well, we had best get on the blog bandwagon. It lloks like a good way to share family news.

John and Allison have led the way with their blog. It looks like fun.

This past weekend Carol and I went down to Provo to spend Saturday and Sunday with Karalee, Derrick and Michael. On Saturday we took them shopping at Macey's and Walmart because their car transmission gave up the ghost. It would cost them $2200 to fix the transmission. Right now they are taking the bus to work. On Sunday, we went to church with Karalee and Derrick in their new ward. Then we celebrated mother's day at their apartment with a nice ham dinner.

Karalee, Derrick and Michael are going to move about July 12. They are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment for the three of them. The apartment complex that Karalee and Derrick were staying in was taken over by another management group. They are raising the rent and making Karalee and Derrick pay a fee.

Karalee is working at the company that runs ancestry.com. She was answering phone calls from customers. Now she is answering questions that come in to the company by email. She likes that better.

Derrick is working at Macey's, the food store in Provo. He enjoys his job very much and they like Derrick a lot. In the past, Derrick has had a lot of epileptic seizures. But since he started this new medicine in September, he has not had a seizure.

Michael is working at Convergys, a call center. He answers DirecTV customer calls. He does not enjoy it. He is trying to get on with Karalee's company.

My job is with Allied Systems. The company supplies mufflers and muffler parts to car repair shops in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada. Every other week, I make a run to Rock Springs, Wyoming, delivering mufflers to four or five places on the way there, and three or four places on the way back to Salt Lake. I drive a company vehicle (the company pays for gas). The company pays for two meals each day and for the motel I stay in one night. I load the van on Tuesday, leave at 8 am on Wednesday, stay overnight on Wednesday, and drive back to Salt Lake on Thursday. The other days of the week, I either drive a Utah North route from Bountiful to Tremonton or a Utah South route from the point of the mountain to Payson, Utah.

Carol is work on cataloging her many videos. She has 650 videos that she has bought over the years. She has about 2000 videos that she has taped that fill up our other bedroom. I am going to buy a VHS to DVD converter and have her convert the tapes to DVDs.

We hope and pray you are doing well.