Sunday, October 12, 2008


For the last few months I have been volunteering at the Family History Mission M-F 8am - 12 noon (20 hrs). The missionaries keep talking about the New Family Search program and John wants me to use his account. So, I asked the Zone Leader if I could get access to the New Family Search Program. He said, "Sure, just become a missionary. We will give you access to the program and give you a week of training".

So, I decided to become a Church Service Missionary. I would be doing the same thing that I was doing as a volunteer. I could work the same hours. I will continue to live in Murray. I will still have my callings in the Murray Hilcrest ward. I can work at a job and make money(if I want to). I can go on vacations whenever. I can am not limited to travel within 100 miles of Salt Lake City.

I have had the interview with my Bishop and my Stake President. I hand-carried the paperwork to our Mission President. It then goes to the Missionary Committee. The Missionary Committee contacts my Stake President. My Stake President contacts my Bishop to set me apart as a Church Service Missionary in the Family History Mission.

Unfortunately, my Stake President went on vacation for a couple of weeks to Japan. So, it will be a few weeks before I am officially a CSM (Church Service Missionary).

It is exciting to be involved in the greatest work on the earth. I am a Ward missionary helping to find those that Lord has prepared to listen the discussions and be baptized. And, I am involved in work that is keeping the temples going in the Family History Mission.

I am so thankful to be living in this time. The Church is here on the earth in its majesty and glory. We have a living prophet. We have the 12 apostles. We have so much knowledge about the gospel through all the scriptures. There is so much work to be done. It is exciting and worthwhile work. I love being a member of this church.