Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Karalee and Derrick's Anniversary

Friday night, we took Karalee and Derrick to the Red Lion Inn in Salt Lake City to celebrate their wedding anniversary since they don't have a car.

On Saturday, they went to the temple and did some sight-seeing in SLC.

Since Karalee's car accident, which broke her pelvis in 2 places, Karalee has not been able to sleep on a flat bed at their apartment. And it turns out she could'nt sleep on the bed at the Red Lion Inn. They were planning on staying at the hotel Saturday night, but the thought of no sleep another night prompted them to stay with us Saturday night. She and Derrick can sleep fine on our couches at our apartment.

They stayed with us on Sunday, and on Monday, we all went to see the Joseph Smith movie in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Then we went to see the Utah State Capitol building. They finally completed the earthquake protections to the building this year.

Then we took them home on Monday.

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