Monday, July 21, 2008

Visit of Mary and Patty

On Saturday, July 19, 2008, Mary and Patty arrived from California. It was hot, 100 + degrees. They went to stores to buy different things. I put together three sets of shelves for Karalee and Derricks new apartment while they went to the stores.

That night we had a big birthday bash for me (cake and ice cream). Fun was had by all?

Saturday night, Carol and I went home because I needed to be home on Sunday to teach the lesson for the Highp Priest group and to do missionary work. Mary and Patty stayed at Karalee's. Sunday night they had a birthday party for Rachel Kaurman in Provo at her parents home. Carol and I did not attend because the heat on Saturday did Carol in. She was not feeling well.

Mary and Patty are planning to visit various things in the Provo area Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday eve they will be coming up to stay with us and see several things in Salt Lake. Thursday is Pioneer Day which is a State Holiday. Most of the tourist sites will be open that day. All will be open on Friday. They will be leaving Saturday night.

Today, Monday, is nice and cool. There are rain clouds and every so often there is a sprinkle here and there. It is very nice.

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Baak Talk said...

I don't miss the Utah heat, but I miss the summer rains!

Have fun visiting with Mary & Patty.