Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gerber Family Reunion

The gerber family reunion was 6/29/2008 (Sunday), 6/30/2008 (Monday) and 7/1/2008 (Tuesday). It was at the Lagoon Campground. It started Sunday at 12:00 noon. We went down to Provo and brought Karalee, Derrick and Michael up to our apartment on Saturday night. They stayed overnight and on Sunday morning we all went to our ward at 9 am. After our ward block ended at noon, we changed, had lunch and went to the family reunion.

We had a great time. All of Donna's kids and their families eventually came except for Keva's family which is in Texas. Two of Del and Ora's kids, Mindy and Darren came with their families.

A new Gerber Organization president was elected, Paul Gibson, the son of Carol's aunt, Janet Gibson. A vice president was also elected, Joe Gibson, another son of Janet Gibson.

Janet Gibson and Eva Mae Kimber, both aunts of Carol were at the reunion. It was great to see them and talk to them.

In all there were about 100 that attended the reunion during the course of three days.

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