Thursday, May 28, 2009

The ship Chimborazo

The ship Chimborazo

The Rees William Davies (Davis) family was converted in Wales and came to America in this ship:

Today I found the passenger list of the ship Chimborazo which lists the family of Rees W. (William) Davies (Davis). I knew that he was on the ship, but I had not seen the passenger list before. I found it on using the following search terms:

This is from the search result list:

This is the passenger list showing the Rees W. Davies/Davis family:

It shows Rees W. Davies, Margaret (wife), Mary (daughter), John (son), Rees (son), Catherine (daughter) and Gwenilian (it says M for male but then says Spinster (which means young woman). Gwenie was adopted and she was born in 1839.

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Baak Talk said...

so COOL to actually see it If only the paper could talk~