Thursday, June 5, 2008

No longer restricted as spam

Dear family,

For some inexplicable reason, our blog was restricted as spam. I asked them to review our site, and I guess it is no longer listed as spam because I can now post new blog messages.

I just got back from a Wyoming run for my work. I deliver mufflers from Heber City to Rock Springs, Wyoming and then back to Salt Lake.

This Saturday, we are going down to Provo to take Karalee, Derrick and Michael shopping since they no longer have a car. Their car transmission gave out. It would cost $2500 to fix. So, they take the bus to work.

Also Saturday, Carol will have a permanent down in the Walmart in Orem.

Karalee and Derrick found an apartment they like. It will cost $650/month. It is a two bedroom so Michael can move in with them. We will take Michael over to look at it on Saturday.

We love you and pray for you.


Mom and Dad


Baak Talk said...

Yeah dad! You've always been computer savy!! You've led the way for the rest of love.

Hi to mom!



Allison said...

Glad that we've found a good way to keep updated! We are looking forward to seeing you when we come out to Utah in July.